Voted Charlotte's Best Sip & Paint

$20 - $30.



Canvas. Glassware. Clay. Coloring Books. Leather.

Mondays - Thursdays: 12pm , 7pm

Fridays: 7pm , 9pm

Saturdays: 1pm , 3pm , 5pm , 7pm , 9pm

Sundays: 3pm , 5pm, 7pm

We offer both Freestyle and Guided options during our public sessions. Our public sessions are for Adults (18+). All participants are welcome to bring in food & soft drinks. Participants 21+ can bring in wine, beer, and malt beverages (no hard liquor).  

$30 GUIDED Art Pass

Paint on a 16" x 20" CANVAS - Pick the painting of your choice from any source - let a professional artist SKETCH it for you and provide steps/technique for completion. No need to pre-submit the image - just bring it in on your phone or printed out. (Please refrain from choosing highly detailed images or realistic portraits) -  

$20 FREESTYLE Art Pass

Want to let your creativity flow and design on your own will while having fun? Choose from one of the mediums below. Groups do not need to choose the same activity. Artists will be available to answer questions as you work through your projects.

1. Paint on a 11"x14" CANVAS

2. Paint a wine or beer GLASS

3. Hand mold and paint CLAY

4. Stain and paint a LEATHER BRACELET



The below schedule is always current and supersedes any other source. If the date and time is not listed, it is not available.

PLEASE NOTE: Online Sales end 2 hours before session start time. Each session is 90 minutesTickets are refundable until 24 hours of event. Unused tickets can be used within 30 days of event for a different session. 

ATTENTIONS GROUPS: We welcome large groups to our public sessions, however, please do not bring in large party accessories and large quantities of food and drinks that require more space than a personal place setting at a table. If such accommodations are needed, please book a private party.