City Art Room Teambuilding

City Art Room's team building activities have many benefits to organizations such as improving communications, camaraderie, and synergy while entertaining teams and creating memorable moments. We come to your office or special venue, set up, and our Certified Paint Coaches will guide your team, stroke-by-stroke, through the activity. Please contact us for more information. Below are some of the painting activities that we offer. 

Collaborative Painting – Each group contributes to a large 3 x 4 ft painting. 10 painters are recommended per collaborative painting.

Team Puzzle Painting – Each team member paints a piece of a larger picture on their own individual canvas.

Guided Painting– Each team member can follow along on their canvas and replicate a painting that is demonstrated by the paint coach.

Round Robin PaintingThe team is instructed to start painting using a particular theme. They have 5-10 minutes to make a start on it and then are asked to move to their right to the next person’s canvas. They then have five minutes on each person’s canvas. The activity is complete when they get back around to their painting.

Puzzle Painting With Electrolux

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